A Letter from the Elders on Celebrating the Lord’s Supper

The following was printed in the bulletin for November 29, 2020:

A Letter from the Elders on Celebrating the Lord’s Supper

Among other things, Covid-19 has caused us to reflect creatively and with flexibility as we seek to faithfully worship as a local church. A prime example of this relates to how we partake in the Lord’s Supper together when so many are unable to gather. 1 Corinthians 11:17ff gives instructions for how to celebrate the Lord’s Supper, and that text emphasizes the importance of togetherness. The question becomes how we best honor the Scriptures in a time when many of us are unable to be together?

While Covid-19 is still commonly present in our communities, we want our members and the regular attenders of Rothbury Community Church to be able to join in celebrating the Lord’s Supper whether they are in the church building or in their homes. For those at home, you are welcome to stop by the church office to pick up the bread and cup the week prior to the first Sunday of the month, which is when we usually celebrate the Lord’s Supper. If you are unable to visit the church office, an elder or deacon will gladly bring the elements to you – please contact the church office by Wednesday that week. We know that you could just as easily get your own bread and juice, but by allowing us to distribute the elements to you in this way we feel we are still able to somewhat emphasize the important “togetherness” of this ordinance.

We look forward to the day when, Lord willing, Covid-19 will not be a pressing issue. And we look forward to thinking through and teaching through our understanding of what the Scriptures teach about the Lord’s Supper more fully. If you have any questions or input please reach out to one of us.

In Christ,

Jeff Bays, Dave Craymer, Luke Craymer, James Enns, Dave Rakosky, and Bryan Wolff

The Elders of Rothbury Community Church