Best of the Day - April 28, 2020

Featured Blog Post - Best of the Day

While we are unable to gather regularly on Sundays we want to provide resources for your encouragement and instruction. Below we include information and links that we trust will serve the members of RCC and their families.

Church Life

Be sure to keep up with church happenings by following our blog and/or facebook page.

Some of our Life Groups are still meeting via Zoom online. If you are interested in joining a group right now contact Pastor Bryan.

Do you know of any practical needs in our body that church members can help with? Let a deacon know and we will do what we can.

Music Encouragement

Our Song from Age to Age (Sovereign Grace)

Love Never Ends (The Corner Room)

Resource Links

Navigating Different COVID-19 Recovery Convictions (Hinn)

Zoomed Out (McClenagan)

When Everything Is Not Obvious (DeYoung)