Best of the Day - May 12, 2020

Featured Blog Post - Best of the Day

While we are unable to gather regularly on Sundays we want to provide resources for your encouragement and instruction. Below we include information and links that we trust will serve the members of RCC and their families.

Church Life

Be sure to keep up with church happenings by following our blog and/or facebook page.

Members and attendees of RCC should have received a letter and survey in the mail by now. Visit this page for access to the online version of the survey.

There is still much fear in our communities over Covid-19 and it effects. Who can you call today to let them know that you are praying for them in that regard?

Music Encouragement

Worthy (Beautiful Eulogy)

And Can It Be (Covenant Life Church)

Resource Links

The Final Enemy (Trueman)

Jesus Doesn't Keep the Receipt (Raymond)

The Significant Beauty of Nonessential Work (Phelan)