Best of the Week - August 12, 2019

Featured Blogpost - Best of the Week

On (most) Mondays we highlight some articles, videos, etc. that caught our attention the past week. Some are serious, some are challenging, and some are plain fun. Please note, linking does not mean that we agree or endorse everything that is presented or associated with a source.


Make Sunday Mornings Uncomfortable: Three Rules of Engagement at Church - Rebecca McLaughlin, Desiring God


To Live a Life of Endurance, Choose Your Companions Wisely - Randy Alcorn, Eternal Perspective Ministries


How Not to Be Cliquish—or Silent—About Your Faith at Work - Will Sorrell, The Gospel Coalition U.S. Edition


The Biblical Story of the Body - Colin Smith, Unlocking the Bible


Too Afraid to Say Nothing: The Healthy Place of Fear in Evangelism - Elliot Clark, Desiring God


Ten Truths About the Hidden God Who Reveals Himself - David Schrock, Servants of Grace


Don’t Trust in Your Christianity - Heather Pace, The Gospel Coalition U.S. Edition


Singing Gospel Truth at Home - Hunter Bobo, For the Church


Three Ways to Teach Teens to Think Theologically - Lindsey Carlson, Credo Magazine


Does God Want Everyone to Be Saved? (1 Timothy 2) - Denny Burk, Crossway


Most Growth Will Be Slow Growth - Scott Hubbard, Desiring God


A Cell Phone Agreement for the Christian Teen - Melissa Edgington, Your Mom Has A Blog


Probably Not Your Life Verse: Considering Hate in Psalm 139:21-22 - Eric Davis, The Cripplegate


Love Them More, Need Them Less: How to Serve One Another Better - Stephen Witmer, Desiring God


Why I Wish We Hadn’t Lived Together Before Marriage - Lisa Lakey, Family Life