Best of the Week - March 18, 2019

Featured Blogpost - Best of the Week

On (most) Mondays we highlight some articles, videos, etc. that caught our attention the past week. Some are serious, some are challenging, and some are plain fun. Please note, linking does not mean that we agree or endorse everything that is presented or associated with a source.

You Can’t Livestream Church - AndyHuette, The Gospel Coalition


All the Lonely People - Scott Devor, TableTalk Magazine


The Heart of the Matter - Katie Blackburn, Risen Motherhood


5 Reasons We Don't Disciple - Ajith Fernando, Core Christianitiy


Taking Sermon Notes - Persis Lorenti, Place for Truth


Sin Is Cosmic Treason - R.C. Sproul, Ligonier Ministries


What Is Biblical Marriage? 11 Essential Principles - Jake Mailhot, Logos Talk


What’s the Purpose (and the Benefit) of Family Devotions? - Tim Challies,


How To Make It Through Difficult Books of the Bible - Justin Bullington, Things Above Us


When You Make Your Bed In Hell - Andrea Burke,


Biblical Principles for Ethnic Harmony - H.B. Charles Jr.,


3 Things that Keep Christians from Living with a Sense of Urgency - Michael Kelley, For the Church


Singleness: Own It! - Deborah Smith, True Woman


If the Gospel is True, The Gospel is Urgent - Jen Oshman,


The Dangers of Disconnected Discipleship - Brian Zunigha, For the Church


10 Reasons Why the Bible Regards Women Higher than All Other Systems - Eric Davis, The Cripplegate