Best of the Week - November 12, 2018

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On (most) Mondays we highlight some articles, videos, etc. that caught our attention the past week. Some are serious, some are challenging, and some are plain fun. Please note, linking does not mean that we agree or endorse everything that is presented or associated with a source.


Self-Hatred and Sanctification - Taylor Cain, For the Church


Three Places God's Feet Touched the Ground - Adriel Sanchez, Core Christianity


Gospel Thinking: How Do We Decide Our Family Traditions? - Eric Schumacher, Risen Motherhood


5 Things Christians Should Do After the Election - Joe Carter, The Gospel Coalition


How to Love People You Don’t Like - Greg Morse, Desiring God


7 Powerful Things God Does When We Pray For One Another - Mark Altrogge, The Blazing Center


Blue Jean Sundays - Janet Surette, The Gospel Coalition Canadian Edition


Saying "God Called Me" Can Be Dangerous - Amy Medina, Everyone Needs a Little Grace in Their Lives


How to Start a Conversation About Jesus - Gloria Furman, Desiring God


How to Grow Newer When You’re Not Growing Younger - Abigail Dodds, The Gospel Coalition