Best of the Week - September 2, 2019

Featured Blogpost - Best of the Week

On (most) Mondays we highlight some articles, videos, etc. that caught our attention the past week. Some are serious, some are challenging, and some are plain fun. Please note, linking does not mean that we agree or endorse everything that is presented or associated with a source.

Living With the End In View - Zach Kendrick, Servants of Grace


Ordinary Faithfulness in the Smallest Tasks - James Williams, Growing in Grace


Constantly (Dis)connected: How Online Habits Form Us - Samuel James, Desiring God


9 Steps Toward Apostasy - George Alvarado, Things Above Us


Keeping Desire and Temptation in Their Place - Richard Phillips, Reformation21


How Pornography Makes Us Less Human and Less Humane - Matthew Lee Anderson, The Gospel Coalition U.S. Edition


Worship Is Not a Relcetion of How You Feel - J.D. Greear, Core Christianity


Our Godly Practices Matter - Graham Cole, The Gospel Coalition Australia Edition


What Does This Verse Mean to You? Finding Meaning in Scripture - Brad Klassen, The Master's Seminary


Missionary Memes: Tea Bags and Coffins - Craig Thompson, A Life Overseas