Best of the Week - June 18, 2018

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On (most) Mondays we highlight some articles, videos, etc. that caught our attention the past week. Some are serious, some are challenging, and some are plain fun. Please note, linking does not mean that we agree or endorse everything that is presented or associated with a source.

Do not *Just* Bring Your Friend to Church- Jason Vaughan, Parking Space 23

Sculpted head of mystery biblical king found in Israel - Ilan Ben Zion, Associated Press

A Journey Into the Righteous, Risk-Averse World of Faith-Based Films - Joanna Rothkopf, The Muse

Friends to Christ, Strangers To His Church - Tim Challies,

Seeking Christ While Facing Debt - Grace Pike, For the Church

What Sustains Missions in the Hardest Places? - Brett Rayl, Desiring God

I am afraid of death. - Courney Reissig, Fathom

3 Reasons to Stay in a Church That's Not Cool Enough‚Äč - Michael Kelley, For the Church

“Is My Baby In Heaven?” Why I Believe God’s Word Assures Us We Can Say, “Yes.” - Tim Counts, TMS Blog

Jesus Is Always Bigger than Your Faith - Jen Oshman, The Gospel Coalition

Serve Jesus Where He Has Put You (Now) - Matthew Payne, The Gospel Coalition Austraila Edition