News & Events for Apr 17-23

Want to serve?

There is a list on the Ministry Opportunities bulletin board in the narthex. It lists our ministries and the contact name and number for each. Check and see where you can be serving at RCC!

Food Pickup People Needed:

The food pantry needs more people to help with picking up food in New Era. This happens about every other week, on Thursday morning. If a vehicle is a problem (a truck or large van is required), there is a vehicle available. Please talk to Kaye Schmidt or Sandy Christiansen to volunteer.

Juice Pickup People Needed:

The food pantry needs someone to pick up juice in Sparta. They must have access to a vehicle big enough to haul a ton box full of juice. It must be an open truck bed because the company sets a pallet right in the back of truck box. Please talk to Sandy Christiansen to volunteer or for more information.

Van & Truck Driver Needed:

Aug 11th & Aug 18th to transport some passengers and luggage to and from Chicago for the Guatemala Mission Team. Please contact the office or Dave Wood to volunteer.

Students & Parents:

There will be a skype session with Joe Schmidt, the student ministries intern. Meet at the Wolffs’ house next Sunday, Apr 24th, at 6 PM.