News & Events for Apr 22-28

Hymn of the Month:

The Hymn of the Month is “Come, Thou Almighty King”. For more information on this hymn go to

Let us know that you’re here!

Please put your attendance cards in the basket by the mailboxes. Or fill out the visitor tab and put it in the offering plate. Note: If you’ve been attending for a while, you probably have a mailbox. Please check the Fellowship Hall.
Visitors: please fill out the back side of this tab and put it in the offering plate.

Want to serve?

There is a list on the Ministry Opportunities bulletin board in the narthex. It lists our ministries and the contact name and number for each. Check and see where you can be serving at RCC!

Serving/Outreach Opportunity:

On Saturday, May 12th, there will be a cleanup day at Oceana Shores Trailer Park. We won’t actually be doing any cleanup but will be part of an effort to provide dumpsters and a hot dog lunch for the residents. The project is from 9 AM- 4 PM with lunch at noon. If you can volunteer some time to be available to meet with people, please contact the office. And cookies are needed (we expect to serve about 300 people). Contact the office or bring your cookies in by Thursday of that week

Mailboxes/Attendance Cards are updated.

If you’ve been attending for a while, please check because you may have a mailbox and don’t realize it!

Membership Class:

Wednesday, Apr 25th, 6 PM - 8(ish) with Pastor Bryan. If you’re not already signed up, please contact the office. We want to be sure to have enough books available.

Awana Follow-up Meeting:

Wednesday, Apr 25th, at 7:00 PM. We need you! If you volunteered this year, if your kids attended Awana, or you were involved in any way, please join us. We need your thoughts on what worked and what didn’t so we can improve for next year. We will have snacks!

Elder Candidate:

The elders are pleased to announce that Dave Rakosky has been in the process of becoming an elder at RCC. Our bylaws state that before he is installed a candidate for elder must be presented to the membership so that any concern over his qualifications can be made known to the current elders. We anticipate installing Dave in the position of elder sometime in May. Please prayerfully read 1 Timothy 3, Titus 1, and our bylaws (Article 4, Section 1) and contact a current elder with any feedback.