News & Events for Jan 31-Feb 6

Cancer Care Training:

Classes are Tuesdays (except THIS Tuesday, Feb 2nd), at 7 PM, and will meet weekly for a total of eight weeks. Contact Bill and Vicki Goss (call the office for their number) for more information. Sign up on the bulletin board if you are interested.

Fellowship Time Help:

We need help in the kitchen for coffee time. There is a sign up in the hallway by the kitchen door for the whole year. We need servers for every month especially February. It will still be cold and we have many coffee drinkers this time of year. Thank you!

There will be no coffee in February unless someone volunteers to serve. If you have any special cakes (for anniversaries, birthdays, etc., please contact Mary Sullivan ahead of time and she will arrange for coffee.)

Men’s Conference:

“Finally Free” is this year’s Build Men’s Conference withspeaker Dr. Heath Lambert. Feb 26-27 at Lakeshore Baptist Church. Cost is $25. Register at

RTL Oratory Contest:

Oceana Right to Life is having its 2nd annual Oratory Contest, for grades 7-12, on Saturday, Feb 13th at the Hart Wesleyan Church at 9 AM. Speeches need to be between 5-7 minutes long and topics include abortion, euthanasia, infanticide, embryonic stem cell research/human cloning. There will be prizes for the first three places in each age group. Interested students should register by Feb 10th. Contact Maggie Granlee for registration information.

Men’s Breakfast:

The next Men’s Breakfast Fellowship is Saturday, Feb 13th. Please sign up on the bulletin board. The speaker will be Dave Wood.

Library Items:

There are a number of books and CDs that are past due for return to the library. Please return borrowed items in a timely manner!

Welcome, New Members!

These couples have committed to membership at RCC: Scott & Maggie Granlee and Tom & Ruthie Eilers

Special Requests Regarding Building Use & Doors:

If you are having a meeting at the church, for accountability and as a courtesy to the custodian, please notify the office. You can call us at 231.893.4965 or email us at Recently, there have been many instances of doors being left open throughout the building. Please note that all interior doors should be closed when the room is not in use, including all the double doors and the doors to the sanctury but excluding the room next to the library. Doors provide a firebreak, in the event of a fire in the church.

Giving Statements:

Giving statements are in your mailboxes. Please review your giving statement and notify the office immediately if anything is missing or incorrect.

Let us know that you’re here:

Please put your attendance cards in the basket by the mailboxes. Or fill out  the visitor tab and put it in the offering plate.

Closing information:

We put closings on the website, our Facebook page, on WZZM13 and FOX17. If you have text messaging, you can go to and register for text alerts to be notified whenever we post a closing.

Mailboxes and Photo Directory:

The mailboxes will be redone the week of Feb 15. The photo directory will be printed either that week or the next week. If you don't have a mailbox, fill out the insert in the bulletin. If you want a new picture in the directory, please submit it to the office by Feb 21st. Please note: photo directories will only be placed in mailboxes. We will not have extras available.