News & Events for Jan 6-12

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Fellowship Time Helpers (Contact: Elaine Tate)

We need coffee servers for the coming months. If you can’t do an entire month, share with another couple or group. There is a signup sheet on the bulletin board across from the Resource Room.

LockIn Helpers (Contact: Melissa King)

Drivers and chaperones are needed for the youth LockIn on Jan 11-12. Sign up on the bulletin board.

Kitchen Work Day (Contact: Ryan Ransom)

This Saturday, Jan 12, after the Men’s Breakfast, we will complete projects in the kitchen, including laying Formica. All are welcome to help.

One Year Bible Reading Plans (Contact: Church Office)

We publish a monthly reading plan but the full year plan is available at the Welcome Center.

Membership Class (Contact: Pastor James)

If you are interested in membership at RCC or in knowing more about us, sign up for the membership classes. Two classes, Jan 9 and 23 at 6 PM, are required for membership but membership is not mandatory or automatic after taking the classes.

Student Ministries LockIn (Contact: Melissa King)

Jan 11-12 at 3 Mile Project (cost $5 and a signed medical form/permission slip.) Check out the website for more information. All Jr and Sr High students are invited to attend.

Ladies’ Fellowship (Contact: Gina Sharpe)

Friday, Jan 25, at 7 PM. A night of fellowship, fun, and getting to know one another. Bring a snack to share and your competitive spirit.

Kitchen Items (Contact: Janet or Elizabeth Boardwell)

The kitchen has been reorganized and there are several excess items on a table in the Fellowship Hall. Anything left after Jan 20 will be donated. If you see anything you can use, please help yourself.


Weekly Prayer Sheets

Available at the Welcome Center

Hymn of the Month

Victory in Jesus


January Food Pantry Focus

Peanut butter, canned meats