News & Events for Jun 11-17

Baptism Class:

We teach and believe that baptism is an outward act symbolizing the inward change of the new birth. If you have not been baptized as a believer we would strongly encourage you to consider attending a baptism class on Sunday, Jun 25th, during the Sunday Bible hour. Please signup on the bulletin board. The baptism service will be held Sunday, Jul 16th at the Stony Lake Oval.

RCC101 (Membership Classes):

Membership classes have been scheduled for Jul 9, 16 and 30 (during the Sunday Bible Class hour). If you are interested in membership or want to know more about RCC, sign up on the bulletin board. Membership is not automatic or mandatory after completion of the classes but all three classes are required for membership. If you previously attended these classes but missed one (or two), please plan to attend the corresponding class to the one(s) you missed.

Ladies Retreat:

Mark your calendars! The women’s retreat at Grace Adventures will be Friday, Sep 29- Sunday, Oct 1. Registration info and details will come at a later date. Questions? Talk to Gina Sharpe.

Day Camp Workers Needed: 

Check out the list of camps on the insert and see where you fit in! Contact Joe Schmidt with questions or to volunteer.

Thank you!

A note of thanks to all who helped with the Forever Young Luncheon. Whether by helping with the cooking, serving, and/or cleanup, you were a blessing!
Special thanks to those who attend the luncheon! You bless us by allowing us to serve you!