News & Events for June 17-23

Meal Ministry Sign-up: If you would like to help provide a meal for families of RCC following surgery or childbirth, please sign up on the bulletin board.Contact Cindy Todd with any questions.

Food Pantry: Helpers are needed on Jul 9th and Aug 13th. They have been short-handed and know that summer is a busy time and they will need more help. Please arrive around 9 AM to help.

VBS Volunteers: Vacation Bible School will be Jul 16th-20th (6:00-8:00 pm) and we need your help! There is a place for everyone! We need people to help with set up, clean up, registration, decorating, leading a class room, wrangling kiddos and snack prep. We need game time helpers, nursery workers, skit producers, craft organizers, and many more! Please talk to Pastor Bryan or Gina Sharpe to find your spot! Help share Jesus with the next generation! There will be a table set up in the Fellowship Hall to volunteer.

Church Mailing Address: Just a reminder that all mail to the church should be addressed to our PO Box, not the Winston Rd. address. The actual address is on the back of the bulletin.

Baptism Class: We teach and believe that baptism is an outward act symbolizing the inward change of the new birth. If you have not been baptized as a believer we would strongly encourage you to consider attending a baptism class on Sunday, Jul 1st, at 4:30 PM (before the evening service.) Please sign up on the bulletin board. The baptism service will be Sunday, Jul 15th, at 6 PM at the Stony Lake Oval.

Church Building Use: If you are going to be in the church for a meeting, etc., please let the office know (write a note, send an email or fax, phone call, carrier pigeon, etc - just don’t send it to our personal devices) so that it is on our radar. It helps us and the custodian to know when rooms will be used. Thank you!

New Core Classes begin July 1st: Please sign up on the bulletin board!
Overview of the Bible: An overview study of the story, structure, canonization, translation, and history of the Bible.
Married for God: A study seeking to strengthen marriages by providing theological and practical instruction.

Hymn of the Month: The Hymn of the Month is “Holy, Holy, Holy”. For more information on this hymn go to

Projects List: There is a list of church projects on the bulletin board in the narthex.
If you can complete any of these projects or if you know of other things that need doing, please contact Ryan Ransom.

Want to serve? There is a list on the Ministry Opportunities bulletin board in the narthex. It lists our ministries and the contact name and number for each. Check and see where you can be serving at RCC!