News & Events for Mar 1-7

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“Spring Ahead” Next Week

Don’t forget to turn your clocks ahead an hour before you go to bed next Saturday as Daylight Saving Time begins next Sunday.

Serving Opportunities                               

Volunteers Needed

Contact: Les Packard

We need people who would be willing to help transport church members who are sick and receiving treatment to their treatment appointments. If you are willing and able, please speak to Les.

Fellowship Time Helpers

Contact: Elaine Tate

We need coffee servers for the coming months. It’s a great way to get to know people. Sign up on the bulletin board outside the kitchen. We also need homemade goodies (cookies, quick breads, sweet rolls, etc.).


Binns Baby Shower

Contact: Melissa King

Ladies, you are invited to a baby shower for Ashley Binns. This Friday, Mar 6, at 6:30 PM.

Baby Bottle Blessing

Contact: Kelli Ritter

If you didn’t already, please bring back your baby bottle, filled with change, cash, or a check made out to MPS (If you write a check, please include a few coins to let them know that there is something in the bottle.) Turn it in to the office as soon as possible, even if it’s empty. We are still missing 16 bottles.

Ministry Reports

Contact: Church Office

Requests for annual ministry reports have been emailed and/or placed in ministry leader’s mailboxes. If you are no longer in charge of the ministry, please notify the office. Otherwise, please submit reports no later than Mar 29.


Weekly Prayer Sheets

Available at the Welcome Center

Missionary of the Week

Dave & Emily Stroup
To Every Tribe, Ecuador

March Food Pantry Focus

Personal care items, cereal

Hearing Assist is Available

If you would benefit from this, speak to someone in the sound booth.