News & Events for Mar 3-9

Baby Bottle Blessing

Contact: Kelli Ritter

We are still missing 9 bottles. Missing bottles cost MPS money. Please turn yours in, empty or full.

Work Day

Contact: Ryan Ransom

Following the Men's Breakfast on Mar 9 we will be working on some nursery projects. Any and all help would be appreciated.

Building 429 Concert

Contact: Kevin Newton (

On Apr 11 Building 429 is headlining a concert at Montague High School. Unity Christian Events is organizing the event and is looking for volunteers to help with merchandise tables and security. If you are interested in helping, please email Kevin Newton.


Annual Reports

Contact: Church Office

Ministry leaders please note that reports are due by Mar 18. Check your mailbox or email to see what report(s) you are responsible for and email it to the office.

Men’s Breakfast Fellowship

Contact: Pastor James

Come Saturday at 8 AM for a time of fellowship, food, and teaching. Please sign up on the bulletin board.

Mailboxes and Attendance Cards

Contact: Church Office

Mailboxes and attendance cards will be updated next week. Please check the Fellowship Hall to see if you have a mailbox and confirm that each of your family members have an attendance card.


Weekly Prayer Sheets

Available at the Welcome Center

Hymn of the Month

There Is a Fountain

Missionary of the Week

Pete Stewart & Pete Bell families
Hope Community Church, Barlanark

March Food Pantry Focus

Canned goods, boxed rice and macaroni dishes

Key Cards

We are missing some key cards for our building. If you have one, please contact the church office with the number on your card.

Notes to the office

If you write a note to the office, please sign it so that we know who to contact if we have questions.