News & Events for Oct 16-22

Photo Directory:

It’s time to start thinking about a new photo directory! If you wish to submit a picture, please email it to the office. Be sure it isn’t a professional photo (unless you have written permission for it to be used in this way.) We’ll schedule a “picture day” after the missions conference. And please be sure that we have your current address and phone information. Please note: Mary Sullivan is not the one to contact at this time. If you have any questions, please talk to Michelle or call the office.

College Students:

Are you one? Do you have one? Get their names and addresses into the office for the “College Student of the Week” prayer rotation.

Student Ministries Harvest Party:

At the Carlsons’ house on Wednesday, Oct 26th, from 6-9 PM . If you need a ride, arrive at church at 5:30 PM.

Thank you!

A note of thanks to all who helped with the Forever Young Luncheon. Whether by helping with the cooking, serving, and/or cleanup, you were a blessing! Special thanks to those who attend the luncheon! You bless us by allowing us to serve you!

Prayer Line:

We have set up a “Prayer Line”: Prayer Line cards are available to distribute to friends & neighbors as an outreach ministry of RCC. Talk to Dave Craymer for more info.

Children’s Christmas Program:

There is practice scheduled Sunday night at 6:30 PM in the youth room. Sunday School practices will begin October 30th.


Awana needs some small or portable CD players and headphones for Wednesday nights. Check the back corners of your basement for anything you can donate and please pass them on to Gina or Shannon Sharpe. Thanks!

Computer Operators:

Did you know that two people run the slideshows for all of the Sunday morning services? We REALLY need more slide operators. If you are able to push buttons on a keyboard (having a working knowledge of PowerPoint is a plus!), then this job is for you! You’ll even have one of the comfiest seats in the church. If you are interested, please see Ryan Ransom or talk to the person running the slides today.

Attention Pregnant Women:

MPS is looking for women who are less than 20 weeks along to serve as models for ultrasound training. More information is available on the bulletin board.

Faith Promise:

The Faith Promise budget year ends October 31st. Continue to pray for God to provide and be praying for His desire for next year’s Faith Promise.

Food Pantry Focus

The food pantry needs canned corn and soups! If you are able to donate, please put your donations in the blue “food pantry” totes.