News & Events for Oct 20-26

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New Core Classes begin next week:

Biblical Theology (Pastor Bryan)

A study on the major themes of the Bible, highlighting the overall unity and message of the Scriptures.

Parenting: Generations for the Gospel
(Dave & Kathy Craymer, Kevin & Britney Ackley)

A study seeking to strengthen families by providing theological and practical instruction.

Serving Opportunities                               

Sound Board & Computer Operators

Contact: Joel Kroll or Stuart Hepworth

Looking for a place to serve? Volunteers are needed for helping run the sound board and computer on Sundays. Scheduling is flexible and training is available.

Food Pantry Milk Pickup

Contact: Sandy Christiansen

Country Dairy contributes milk to our food pantry. Once per month, on the Friday before the food pantry, we need someone to pick up that milk.

Timeout Helpers

Contact: Kristina Griffis or Erin O’Connell

We still need some more Timeout helpers. We need some baby holders, or someone that will sit and read a story or color with a toddler. No year-long commitment required, only 4 hours a month.


Ladies’ Bible Study

Contact: Gina Sharpe

We are offering the study “Seeking Him”, a 12-week DVD series, meeting on two days each week to allow for greater participation. Beginning Saturday, Nov 9, at 8 AM or Tuesday, Nov 12, at 7 PM. Signup at a designated table in the lobby beginning next Sunday.

RCC Website

Contact: Church Office

Visit our website for info on our ministries, events, recommended resources, Sunday service previews and more:

2018-19 Faith Promise Reminder

Contact: Church Office

The commitments for the 2018-19 Faith Promise budget totaled $60,505 and thus far $56,736 has been received. Please include your contribution before the budget year ends on October 31.

2019-20 Faith Promise Offering

Contact: Church Office

If you give toward your 2019-20 (the new Faith Promise year) Faith Promise, please be sure to mark your giving as “2020 Faith Promise”. Through the end of October, any Faith Promise gifts without that designation will be assigned to the 2018-19 Faith Promise.



Weekly Prayer Sheets

Available at the Welcome Center

Hymn of the Month

I Love to Tell the Story

October Food Pantry Focus

Personal care items, cereal


Please be sure to let us know the dates you will be gone and, if you want bulletins and/or CDs sent to you, your winter address.

Hearing Assist

If you would benefit from this option, please see one of the people at the sound booth (at the back of the sanctuary.)