News & Events for Mar 29-Apr 4

Want to serve?

There is a list on the Ministry Opportunities bulletin board in the narthex. It lists our ministries and the contact name and number for each. Check and see where you can serve at RCC!

Driver needed!

The food pantry needs a driver or drivers who can pick up food at the depot, in New Era, 2-3 times per month on Thursday. You must have a truck or a van. We’d love to have a couple of people so that no one has to do it every time. Talk to Kaye Schmidt or Sandy Christiansen.


Sun, Mar 29th: SNOSH at the Carlsons’. SNOJH at the Kings’.

Baby Shower

Ladies! You are invited to a baby shower for Ben & Lori Craymer THIS Fri,
Mar 27th, at 6 PM.

Baby Bottle Blessing

Do you still have a baby bottle (from the Baby Bottle Blessing)
laying around? We were short 9 bottles and they cost MPS $1.25 each. If
you have one, please turn it in to the office (full OR empty).

Awana Derby

Wednesday, Mar 25th, beginning at 6 PM. Families are encouraged to come and enjoy the fellowship, as well as some ice cream afterwards! Contact Shannon Sharpe to volunteer or for more information.

Hymn of the Month

The Hymn of the Month is “Praise to the Lord the Almighty”. Check out the blog at for devotionals on this beloved hymn.

Contact Details

Did you move or disconnect your land line? Please remember to notify
the church office when your contact information changes.

Annual Meeting Reports

Ministry Leaders! Requests have gone out for information for the annual
report. Please write up your reports and get them to the office ASAP (they were due 3/22). If possible, an emailed document is preferred
( Thanks!

Food Pantry Focus

This month’s focus is soup! Canned soups are in high demand. Please place your donations in one of the “Food Pantry” totes.

Let us know that you’re here!

Please put your attendance cards in the basket by the mailboxes. Or fill
out the visitor tab and put it in the offering plate.