Sunday Preview for March 21, 2021

Featured Blogpost - Sunday Preview

On (most) Fridays we preview our upcoming Sunday to help our members prepare for gathering together. We suggest that you prayerfully read through passages to be considered, familiarize yourself with songs to be sung, ready your own heart for worship and fellowship, etc.

There are three ways to join us right now: (1) In the sanctuary (one section is spaced out for distanced seating); (2) In the youth room (distanced seating); (3) Online.

Order of Service (9:30 AM)

Call to Worship: Job 42:2

Songs of Praise: Indescribable, O Great God

Testimony: Steve & Kathy Sutherland Update

Scripture Reading: Jeremiah 24

Prayer of Confession and Intercession

Songs of Assurance and Preparation: O the Deep Deep Love of Jesus, Come Behold the Wondrous Mystery

Sermon Scripture Reading: Ephesians 3:14-21

Sermon: A Prayer for the Fulness of God

Song of Response: How Vast the Love of Jesus


Benediction: 1 Thessalonians 5:23-25

11:15 AM - Core Classes and Children's Sunday School

6:00 PM - Evening Service

Welcome & Call to Worship

Songs of Praise: Holy Holy Holy, Behold Our God, Fairest Lord Jesus

Corporate Prayer

Teaching: Character Focus - Truthfulness vs. Deception

The Lord's Supper

Song of Response: Our Great Savior