Answers in Genesis Conference

October 28, 2018 to October 29, 2018

All Day

Location: 2500 W. Winston Rd., Rothbury, Michigan 49452

Category: Conferences

Answers in Genesis Conference with Dr. Tommy Mitchell

October 28-29, 2018


Conference Schedule

Sunday, October 28

9:30 am     Genesis and the Authority of Scripture

11:15 am   Are You Intimidated?

6 pm          Why Can't a Day Mean a Day?

7:30 pm     Noah's Ark and the Global Flood


Monday, October 29

9 am          Were There Dinosaurs on Noah's Ark? (Grades K-6)

10:30 am   After Their Kind (Grades 7-12)

6:30 pm     Dinosaurs and the Gospel

8 pm          Worshipping the Creator God


Dr. Tommy Mitchell

Since mid-2005, Dr. Mitchell has spoken for Answers in Genesis to thousands of adults, youth, and children in a variety of settings, clearly communicating reasons to trust the Bible and the Creator Christ who wrote it. He has written articles for AiG’s website and other publications, and he was the featured speaker during AiG’s relief efforts after Hurricane Katrina, resulting in a Telly award-winning DVD A God of Suffering?

As a scientist, physician, and father, Dr. Mitchell has a burden to provide solid answers from the Bible to equip people to stand in the face of personal tragedy and popular evolutionary misinformation. Using communication skills developed over many years of medical practice, he is able to connect with people at all educational levels and unveil the truth that can change their lives.

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