Core Classes


Offered on Sunday mornings from 11:15 A.M. - 12:15 P.M., the Core Classes focus on the Bible and relevant topical studies. There are two tracks of classes, repeated every two years:


Track 1: Bible Studies

A Harmony of the Gospels

An overview study of the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus according to the four biblical Gospels.

Biblical Theology

A study on the major themes of the Bible, highlighting the overall unity and message of the Scriptures.

Ephesians: The Church

A study through the book of Ephesians with a special emphasis placed on the role of the church in the world and in the individual believer’s life.

Exodus-Deuteronomy: Foundations

An overview study of God’s relationship with Israel in the Law, the believer’s relationship with the Law today, and Christ’s fulfillment of the Law.

Genesis: Beginnings

An overview study of the first book of the Bible that focuses especially on stories and themes the rest of the Scriptures build upon.

How to Study the Bible

A study to equip people with the skills and discipline for accurately understanding and applying the Bible for themselves and others.

Overview of the Bible

An overview study of the story, structure, canonization, translation, and history of the Bible.

Romans: The Gospel

A study through the book of Romans with a special emphasis placed on the need for the gospel, the definition of the gospel, and the application of the gospel in our lives.


Track 2: Topical Studies

Christian Worldview and Thinking

A study unmasking popular worldviews of our age, with an emphasis on the core elements of the Christian worldview and its everyday application.

Evangelism & Apologetics

A practical study on common apologetic issues and how to faithfully share the gospel to those around us.

Habits of Grace: How to Grow

A study on how Christians grow in their faith according to the Bible, thinking through topics like prayer, Bible reading, memorization, etc.

Married for God

A study seeking to strengthen marriages by providing theological and practical instruction.

Our Story: Church History

An overview study of 2,000 years of God’s faithfulness in the building of his church.

Parenting: Generations for the Gospel

A study seeking to strengthen families by providing theological and practical instruction.

What We Believe: Systematic Theology

An overview study of foundational doctrines for the Christian faith and what they should lead to in the Christian’s thinking and living.

Your Work and Your Money

A practical study on what the Bible says about the work and finances for the Christian.